Middle School Science Center

Welcome to the middle School Science Center! Here you will find some additional science resources for you to learn from! Feel free to check out any of the links down below!
Disclaimer: The links below were not made nor are sponsored by Advanced BioTech and may contain teachings that do not conform to Biblical writings.


  1. Photosynthesis for kids
  2. What is Photosynthesis?
  3. Guard Cell
  4. Vacuole Organelle
  5. Why Plant Cells Have Bigger Vacuoles than Animal Cells
  6. Plant Cell Structures
  7. All About Animal Cells
  8. Organelles
  9. Why is a Vacuole Not Considered as the Largest Plant Cell Organelle?
  10. Enzyme Definition
  11. Eukaryotic Plant Cell
  12. Image of Cell Wall
  13. Photosynthesis Infographic
  14. Plant Cell
  15. Biology Teacher’s Resources