What is a Microbe?

Microbe is short for a microorganism. A microorganism is a tiny tiny animal or plant which lives all over the world. There are millions of microbes everywhere!​
There are also many different types of microbes, and they all do different things! But the most important are bacteria and fungi!​

What does a Microbe do?

Microbes help or hurt other life. Kind of like when you get a cavity, or your arm heals from a scrape. Both times microbes are involved, in either hurting your tooth, or healing your arm. To prevent the bad microbes, there are certain things you do, like brush your teeth, or to help the good microbes, you eat well!

Why are Microbes Important?

Microbes do important jobs all over the world! Microbes in the ground bring good nutrients to the plant and the ground. Microbes in your body help you heal and overcome being sick. These little organisms help very much in all things, from farming to getting over a cold, Microbes are there to help!

Cool Experiments

hand washing experiment

Making Yogurt Experiment

Strawberries Project microbe

Feel free to try any of the experiments above with your parents! They’re really good ways to learn more about Microbes!


How Plants Grow Experiment

Keeping Healthy with microbe

Microbe for kids

Plants and animal microbes

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