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Food for microbes is a website designed around learning and improving the community through teaching about Biology and Microbiology of various levels of study. We offer information at all levels from Kindergarten all the way to college studies. We also offer specialized information in Soil Microbiology, which directly ties in with our product, MultiFIX™, The Optimum Food for Microbes.

For information about Advanced BioTech, please feel free to visit our primary website: www.adbio.com. We hope to see you there!

Advanced BioTech is a crop improvement and environmental cleanup organization, focused in improving the lives of farmers and environmental interests world wide. Located in the central valley, we are looking to increase the amount of food in the world’s bread basket through our product MultiFIX™, The Optimum Food for Microbes. We also work towards improving the environment with our odor control, algae control, bioremediation, and waste water management products.

Innovative Technology

Odor Control · Algae Control · Oil Spill Cleanup Bioremediation ·
Environmental Cleanup Services · Crop Enhancement ·
Soil Restoration · Plant Health

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